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Springtime In Lockdown

My love of floral photography, a medium within itself, also serves as inspiration and a starting point for much of my work. Using a portrait lens and creating a shallow depth of field to create lots of blurring and focal points I like to bring attention to those small intricate details, the angle of a stamen, the translucency and curling of a petal, and in contrast how the background softens, the colours wash and bleed into each other.

I am always looking to see how the colours layer upon each other and how the light and shade play together creating shapes and textures, it fascinates me how moving just an inch one way or another can completely alter the composition, subtle shifts...a different story.

These were taken during spring in lockdown on one of our daily family walks and became the inspiration and reference for the purple paintings that formed a part of the 'Layers Of Life' collection which are available to purchase here.

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