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Katy Mutch Photography

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

When you get a special commission in your inbox and that person turns out to be a gifted local photographer, then of course you jump at the chance at the opportunity to work together.

Katy Mutch, based in Liverpool is a wedding and family photographer, and whose style resonated with me. She has a special skill at capturing the beauty in those quiet moments, capturing the emotion of her subject in such an intimate and honest way.

Back in July 2019 I was working on a dyed piece for her so she came along to my studio to document the process and these are the results of our shoot. My daughter had already broken up from school for the summer so it was so special to also have her involved in the process too!

Such a pleasure to work with, Katy is the ultimate professional and put me at ease immediately, I felt like I had known her for years! It's such a joy when you work with likeminded creatives and find so much common ground, I very much look forward to working together again in the future, you can find more of Katy's work here.

Instagram: @katymutchphoto


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