Angela Stringer is a natural dyer, textile artist and painter exploring the relationship between fashion and art through botanically dyed fabrics and earth pigments. Inspired by the natural world and her immediate environment she seeks to find the beauty that surrounds us creating site specific work that routes itself in place.



Acquiring a BA Hons in Fine Art, Angela then went on to become a self taught corsteiere creating contemporary corsetry using painterly floral printed silks and lace. Corsetry references historical techniques and processes, and so it was a natural progression to discover the ancient traditions of natural colour with plant based material.

Falling in love with the 'slow' process of natural dyeing and a desire to return to her art background, Angela is now focusing her time on creating a series of works delving deeper into the mark makings of botanical colour both on cloth and silk and through varying art media. She is incorporating all of these modes of expression to produce mini collections of one off hand dyed apparel and artworks.


Wellington Road Art Studios

Units 1-2

28a Wellington Road



CH43 2JE

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