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Dyed and stitched hemp silk on wooden stretcher bars.

12" x 12"


Jazz music, vintage lingerie and floral photography are all things that inspired this collection. As the wife of a jazz pianist, I am often working to the sounds of classic melodies that gently float up the stairs to my studio setting the mood. Lyrics from another time become entwined with the present reminding us of the simpler things in life, think of these artworks as love notes to yourself.


The stitched motif on 'The Silk Rhode' has been lifted from sketches made in the springtime of Rhodedendron's, linking this piece to both canvas and paper collections created earlier this year. The piece of silk was cut up and restitched to create a new composition of colour.


Dyed with traditional dyes such as madder, oak gall and rust prints, utilising colour grown and found, and gilded with gold leaf for extra decadance. 


The idea of using silk in this way came to me from the days of dyeing silk scarves, I would display them around my studio and found that I loved admiring them, they gave me a sense of peace and so I wanted to capture that in a more permeanent way. As an artist it came naturally to me to use silk much in the same way as canvas, and there is something so beautiful in observing the way light reflects off silk when it is smooth and taut, the way it catches the light at different times of the day, whilst the gold leaf and gold stitching catch the light at night in a different but yet equally satisfying way.


Nb: Pieces are priced individually to reflect the level of detail and embellishment, some variance may occur in simillar sized works.


Sold unframed, ready to hang.


Extra care and consideration needs to be taken, these works must not be displayed in direct sunlight.


The Silk Rhode

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